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Learn to Maximize Your MLM Success & Navigate Taxes with Confidence

In the world of MLM, tax responsibilities often fly under the radar. But as self-employed entrepreneurs, understanding tax obligations is crucial for maximizing profits.

I'm Hasin, your guide to unlocking financial success in network marketing.

With a background in accounting and years of MLM experience, I'm here to bridge the gap between network marketing and finance.

Don't let tax confusion cost you thousands! Explore my tailored resources to maximize earnings and elevate your tax knowledge.

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Not sure where to start on tracking DEDUCTIONS?

This beginner deductions checklist will get you started as you begin tax planning for your specific business/industry.

More About Me

Hasin Leonard

More About Me

Hasin Leonard

Hey there, fellow network marketers! Are you tired of feeling lost when tax season rolls around? I hear you! I'm Hasin, your go-to tax friend with a twist – not only do I hold an accounting degree, but I've also walked the walk in the network marketing world.

With years of experience under my belt, I've honed strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned cash. After several years in the industry, I noticed a gap in the education of entry-level entrepreneurs and their business finances. A lot of team leaders will boast the paychecks and work from home perks, but rarely empower their teams to maximize their earnings through financial education! Which is where I come in!!

We all get into the social selling industry to make money, whether this a full time or part time gig, learning to maximize your earnings through financial planning and understanding is a key topic that you and your team should never be uneducated on.

Together we can turn tax time from a headache into a breeze! Ready to conquer taxes like a pro? Ready to have me teach your teams all about financial onboarding for your company?

Let's chat!

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