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I am honored to have you here and I hope you find so much value in what I have to offer. Five years ago, I entered the network marketing space as a mom wanting to make extra money to get a massage every month.

I started expanding my business, and soon I was able to replace my 9-5 job with full-time social selling. Numerous questions arose, such as whether to form an LLC, how to report this income for taxes, how much to save for tax payments, and how to maximize my take-home earnings. Each leader I approached had hired someone for these tasks. I wasn’t keen on this approach. Therefore, I chose to educate myself so that I could guide newcomers in this industry towards financial empowerment as they build their businesses.

Today, I'm a full-time affiliate marketer and a mother of four. My husband and I manage four businesses between us, so we're always busy! I cherish network marketing for the time it allows me to spend at home with my children and for the opportunity it gives me to mentor my teams. I'm thrilled to share insights about the financial aspects of this industry and to prepare you for tax season.

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